Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Portland Oregon Boil Water Alert

Friday I went out for lunch at my local burrito joint. I never buy sodas, usually just opting for a glass of water. So the person behind the counter says sorry, we’re not offering water today… WHAT? What do you mean you’re not offering water?

She tells me Portland is under a boil water advisory, so I ask her what water they are using to prepare their food?

This really brings up a serious reason to own a water filter—if you don’t read the news that morning, or you don’t listen to the radio or TV, how are you going to be protected when the boil water alert comes to your community? What if it wasn’t a small scare, but a major one?

And what about the places you frequent to get a meal? Are they boiling all the water they are using to prepare the food for your plate? Washing their lettuce and veggies?

IMPORTANTLY… most water filters have a disclaimer “do not use on water that is micro-biologically unsafe without adequate pre- or post disinfection.” So if you have one of these lesser water purification systems, and your community has a boil water alert, those systems cannot be considered a fail-safe. Even with one of these lesser filters you need to boil your water BUT ISN’T THAT ONE OF THE VERY REASONS YOU WOULD BY A WATER FILTER? To protect you from dangerous contaminants?

The PWS® BEV Series purification systems ALL include a final phase of purification that removes 99.999% of bacteria, cyst, and virus in the event any of those contaminants makes it that far through our multi-phase system. Our systems are exempt from the claim above, because with a BEV system you can be confident ALL dangerous contaminants and toxins are removed from your water. Isn’t piece of mind one of the things you are purchasing with a water purification system? If your system cannot provide that, please consider one of ours.

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