Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Some more thoughts on alkaline water…

I get a lot of emails asking about alkaline water. Many of these come from promotors of alkaline water and they seem to be wanting an argument. Often, they want to know why, if were are not big promotors of alkaline water, we even make an alkaline add-on for our BEV systems? An example email is just below, with my comments following:

Billy asks: “Is the BEV water considered to be alive and vital water or just super clean water? Do you need to add sea concentrace to the water or add anything to the water? It is mentioned on your website that this Vincent guy clamied that alkaline water can cause cancer/morbidity and that you want the water to be slightly acidic so why do you now offer this pHplus attachment to make alkaline water? Has it been discovered that alkaline water is actually good for you or why would you even offer alkaline water?”

I replied:

Water is a molecule containing one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Therefore any claims of it being “alive” run into the area of pseudo-science at best or perhaps the idea came after a night of particularly heavy drinking? Water is no more alive than a rock.

There is no need to add anything to the water, unless perhaps you are on a fasting diet of many days, in which case I would recommend perhaps some juices or some other drink which might help ensure the electrolyte balance is maintained. Otherwise, if you are like most people and you eat food several times per day, there is no reason to worry about the mineral content in your drinking water. (Exceptions exist for 3rd world populations with very poor access to nourishing food, but then those folks are not buying expensive water purification systems.)

Prof. Vincent never claimed that alkaline water causes cancer or disease. His research is correlative. The statistics point to tendencies, not causes.

We offer the pHPlus™ because many people spend up to several thousand dollars on alkaline water machines which are incapable of removing all dangerous toxins. The absence of contaminants will always supersede any potential benefit of altered pH. So our module adds a small trace of alkaline minerals (calcium & magnesium) and due to the high purity this small trace is all that is needed to change the pH to about 9.5. For $125 one can add a pHPlus™ to one of our systems and if they don’t like alkaline water they are only out $125, not several thousand. Remove the pHPlus™ and you still have the most effective water purification system available.

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