Archive: July, 2008

Can you recycle spent filters?

We’ve been asked the question “Can you recycle the spent filter cartidges” more and more frequently… the short answer is “no.”

A longer answer, by way of analogy, may offer more of an explanation. Consider the plastic garbage bags you use to line your trash cans — once you have discarded all kinds of waste into these bags you would not think to dump them out at the landfill, wash them, and repackage them. The same is true for the used filter housings in our water purification systems. After capturing all kinds of toxic substances the filters are full of contaminants and should be thrown away.

We understand how important it is to reduce our environmental impact (e.g. carbon footprint), but the cost to ship spent filters back to us, the cost to disassemble, discard the contents, sterilize and repacked the housings would have a much greater impact than discarding the filters.

While we generally do not comment on products under development, our R&D department is working to develop a housing for our final phase of purification that will make this module reusable. At this time we do not have a projected date to bring this design into production.